Keynote Speakers


Jeff Carpenter, CISSP, CCSP
CrossMatch, Vertical Market Director

Moving Beyond Passwords: The Pathway to a Stronger Credentialed World
Passwords have been such a staple of the IT industry that it is hard to envision a world without them. Yet, over 80% of breaches are attributable to a stolen or easily guessable password. At the same time, the rise of mobile, cloud and just general “at your fingertip” accessibility to our applications means convenience is prize by end users above all else.

In this informative discussion, Jeff Carpenter will discuss the future world of access and plot the road ahead. It is one where contextual, risk-based and artificial intelligence play a role in determining a legitimate user, bad guy or robot. A fascinating look at a cyber landscape that must keep up… or be hacked into irrelevancy.


Wim Remes, CISSP
(ISC)² Board of Directors, Chairman
Founder of and Principal Consultant at NRJ Security

Build It And They Will Come
In an industry where it is extremely hard to attract, train, and retain talent everybody is looking to be an exclusive and exceptional place to work. Is this necessary? Can you, as an organization, pretend to be something you are not in the long term?

This talk will lay out the key aspects of building an efficient security team. Where many have succeeded in identifying the building blocks, few have put them together as a solid foundation for their security efforts. Based on experience and insight from 20 years in the industry, Wim will guide you through this effort.